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The production of a wide selection of Hardy and Half Hardy Fuchsia varieties is the main focus of Irish Fuchsia Nursery. I am in the process of establishing, building and maintaining the Irish Hardy/Half Hardy Fuchsia Collection.

Our original 2018 stock is made up of 54 varieties from which Irish Fuchsia Nursery will produce quality plants, in a range of sizes.

By the end of 2019 our stock base has grown to 108 different varieties and a number of new species. We hope to have them all available for sale by early summer/autumn 2020.
Cat No. Plant Name Description Size Plant Pic
F1 Aintree Bush variety, self-branching, horizontal growth habit. Medium green foliage and single blossoms. Tube ivory, sepals ivory with rose tint and corolla rose madder, white shading at base. Half Hardy. Image coming soon
F2 Alan Taylor Short jointed bush variety, with outward facing single blossoms. Tube and sepals pinkish red, corolla white with red veins and scalloped edge. Half hardy. 60cm x 35cm
F3 Alice Hoffman Compact bush variety, with semi-double flowers, rose-pink and white with rose-pink veining. Bronze tinted foliage. Borderline frost hardy. 60cm x 60cm
F4 Aloys Hetterscheid Small, self-branching bush variety with medium sized flowers, creamy-white and faint pink stripes on tube with a hint of dark-rose at the base of sepals and corolla. Sepals have light apple green tips. Foliage is medium green. Fully Hardy.
F5 Annabel Upright, bush variety with trailing habit. Large double blossoms white with pink flush. Light to mid-green serrated foliage. Half-hardy. 30-60cm x 30-60 cm
F6 Army Nurse Vigorous bush variety with medium sized semi-double flowers, cardinal red and blue/violet.
Fully Hardy.
1.2m x 1.4m
F7 Ashville Bush variety with small single flowers of creamy white tube and sepals have a pink blush, corolla is rich fuchsia pink mixed with lavender. Dark green foliage. Tender, needs frost free greenhouse. 55cm x 50cm
F8 Auntie Jinks Trailing variety, small mid-green foliage and single, small/medium blossoms. Pink, red tube, white sepals with cerise edge and purple with pink shading corolla. Half Hardy. 15-20 cm x 20-40cm Image coming soon
F9 Autumnale Compact, trailing bush variety. Yellow young foliage turning dark red and salmon with a dash of yellow. Single, scarlet red and purple flowers. Half-hardy. 15-30cm x 30-60cm
F10 Ballymoney Pink
(Probably Fuchsia magellanica var. molinae/alba)
Upright, vigorous bush with small light to medium green foliage. Small single blossoms, tube white with green tinge, sepals white with pink flush, corolla white with mauvy pink blush. Fully hardy
4m x 2.5m
F11 Barbara Self-branching, bush variety with single medium sized flowers, pale pink tube and sepals, tangerine pink and cherry corolla. Sepals have green tip. This variety has a sprawling habit and is half-hardy. 1.2m to 1.05m.
F12 Barbara Windsor Image coming soon
F13 Beacon Rosa Upright, bush variety. Dark green foliage.
Medium, single blossoms, rose pink and red flushed.
60cm x 60cm
F14 Blacky Semi-trailing bush variety. Mid-green foliage. Medium to large semi-double red and deep dark purple flowers. Half-Hardy. 70cm x 40cm
F15 Blands New Stripe Upright bush variety with long mid-green foliage and single medium/large blossoms. Tube and sepals cerise, corolla rich purple with pink central stripe. Half hardy. 50cm x 50cm Image coming soon
F17 Blue Gown A bush variety with upright habit, fully double flowers have cerise red tube and sepals with a purple blue corolla marked pink/scarlet. Half hardy. 75-90cm x 75-90cm
F18 Blue Mirage Vigorous, upright bush variety with self-branching habit. Large double blossoms with white and pink flushed tube and sepals, corolla violet blue with pink shading. Half Hardy. 50cm x 50cm Image coming soon
F19 boliviana
F20 boliviana var. alba
Brutus Vigorous, upright bush variety with arching habit and single to semi-double, crimson and purple blossoms aging to wine. Hardy. 60-75cm x 60-75cm
F22 Carla Johnston Upright, self-branching bush variety with medium sized single flowers. Short rose to pale pink/white tube and white/pink, green tipped sepals with deeper edges and undersides. Corolla sea lavender. Half Hardy. 45-60cm x 45-60cm
F23 Carmel Blue Image coming soon
F24 Cecile Image coming soon
F25 Ceri Early blooming variety with pale pink and green tipped tube and sepals and ice white corolla with pale pink markings. Dark green foliage. Tender.
F26 Chang Image coming soon
Checkerboard Upright bush variety with mid-green foliage. Medium, single, strongly marked red and white blossom. Half Hardy. 75-90cm x 45-75cm
F28 Chillerton Beauty Bush variety, upright habit and medium sized single flowers. Tube pale rose pink with pale pink sepals, darker below and green tips. Corolla mauve-violet with pink veining, paler at base. Fully Hardy. 1.2m x 1.2m
F29 Clipper Bush variety with upright habit and dark foliage. Large single flowers with Scarlet tube and sepals, corolla purple with lighter base and dark edges. Tender. 1.2m x 0.6m
F30 Cloverdale Pearl Bush variety with medium sized single flowers. Short pale pink or white tube and pale pink with darker pink or green tipped sepals. Corolla white with red or pink veining. Hardy.
F31 colensoi
F32 Conspicua Bush variety with upright habit, dark stems and foliage. Tube and sepals crimson red, corolla milky white with raspberry red veining. Hardy. 65cm x 70cm
F33 Constance Bush variety with upright habit. Medium sized double flowers, tube and sepal white with pink blush. Sepals darker pink flush below and green tip. Corolla purple pink paler at base and outer petals shorter with occasional splashes of pink. Hardy.
Corallina Low spreading bush variety with burgundy red stems. Single carmine and purple blossoms, with pink petal base. Frost Hardy. 45-60cm x 90-120cm
F35 Dark Eyes Self-branching bush variety with upright habit. Medium sized fully double flowers have red tube and sepals with violet/blue corolla. Half-hardy. 50cm x 50cm
F36 Deborah Street Bush variety with strong upright then trailing habit. Medium sized semi-double flowers with long white tubes, white sepal with pink undersides and a rose to strawberry pink corolla. Tender. ​​​​​​​
F37 Delta's Sarah Strong growing bush variety. Large single to semi-double flowers have creamy white tubes with faint pink stripes, white sepals and rich purple corolla with a pinkish white base. Hardy. 1.4m x 1.1m ​​​​​​​
F38 Display Strong, upright bush variety with medium-sized, single pink to deep cerise flowers that open bell-shaped. Borderline frost hardy. 60-75cm x 45-60cm Image coming soon
F39 Doctor Foster Bushy upright shrub with single to semi-double flowers. Scarlet tube and sepals with violet purple corolla. . Hardy. 90cm x 90cm ​​​​​​
F40 Dollar Princess Vigorous, upright bush with small double cerise and purple splashed red blossoms. Free flowering and self-branching. Borderline frost hardy to hardy 40-60cm x 40-60cm Image coming soon
Dorothy Hanley Vigorous, upright bush with dark red and aubergine semi-double, medium to large blossoms. Borderline Hardy. 60-75cm x 60-75cm Image coming soon
F42 El Camino Upright bush variety with semi-trailing habit and medium green foliage. Medium to large double blossoms, rose red tube and sepals. Corolla white with rose pink flushing and veining. Half Hardy. 45-60cm x 60-90xm
F43 Ellebel Image coming soon
F44 Elma Compact upright bush variety with small single ball-shaped blooms. Tube and sepals pale pink with candy stripes and white corolla with pink base and veins. Half hardy. 30cm x 25cm Image coming soon
F45 Empress of Prussia Upright bush variety, large single flowers. Scarlet tube with darker stripes, glossy scarlet sepals, dull below. Corolla, magenta with a pale red and pink base, purple edges and scarlet veining.
A strong grower. Hardy.
90cm x 90cm ​​​​​​​
F46 Eva Boerg An early flowering, trailing bush variety with semi-double flowers. Greenish-white tube and pinkish white sepals over purple/pink corolla with paler pink splashes at base. Frost Hardy. 30cm x 60cm ​​​​​​​
F47 Fokko's Katrientje Upright bush variety with mid green leaves and medium sized single flowers. Tube light pink striped red, sepals striped red above and pink/red below. Corolla light pink, striped and splashed with red maturing to a deeper pink. Stripes and splashes are variable, some blossoms having none at all.
75cm x 70cm ​​​​​​​
F48 Frosted Flame ​​​​​​​Image coming soon
F49 Garden News A bushy upright variety with large fully double flowers. Tubes are short and pale pink with pale pink sepals. Corolla, deep magenta pink ruffled petals rose pink at base. Hardy. 50cm x 50cm ​​​​​​​
F50 Genii Upright bush variety with yellow-green foliage and small single flowers. Tube slender, cerise and narrow cerise sepals. Corolla violet turning reddish-purple. Hardy. 60cm x 60cm ​​​​​​​
F51 Golden Swingtime Trailing variety with strong growth habit. Large, fully double waxy red and white blossoms, free flowering. Unusual bright green and golden yellow foliage. Half Hardy 45-60cm x 45-60cm
F52 Hawkshead Vigorous, upright bush with small, single white blossoms with green flush. Fully hardy 1.2m x 90cm
F53 Hermiena Semi-trailing bush variety with mid-green foliage. Tube short white with a hint of pink. Sepals white with a hint of pink and faint green tips. Corolla violet maturing to plum. Tender. 75cm x 70cm ​​​​​​​
Hidcote Beauty Upright bush with trailing habit. Medium sized creamy white and salmon with pink flushed blossom. Half hardy 38-45cm x 30-38cm
Insulinde A triphylla variety with strong upright growth. Terminal clusters of medium sized orange blossom. Frost Tender 36-41cm x 36-41cm
F58 Kit Oxtoby Image coming soon​​​​​​​
F59 Lady Boothby A vigorous climbing variety with single to semi-double flowers. Crimson tube and sepals, a dark purple corolla with magenta flash at base. Hardy. 2.5-4m x 1-1.5m ​​​​​​​
F60 Lady in Black Upright bush variety and potential climber has medium sized double flowers. Tube and sepals dark pink with deep purple/black corolla of ruffled petals. Hardy. 1.5-2m x 0.6m ​​​​​​​
F61 Lady Thumb Compact bush variety with small semi-double flowers. Tube and sepals reddish-pink with white corolla and carmine veining near base. Hardy. 45cm x 45cm ​​​​​​​
F62 Lambada Bush variety with dark glossy green leaves and single flowers. Tube and sepals pale pink, corolla rich purple with pink flash at base. Half Hardy. 50cm x 50cm ​​​​​​​
Leonora Upright, bush variety with medium-sized, single soft pink blossoms. Half hardy. 60-75cm x 30-60cm Image Coming Soon
F64 Madame Cornelisson Vigorous upright bush variety with dark foliage and single to semi-double flowers. Tube and sepals crimson, corolla white, veined red. Hardy. 0.5 to 1m x 0.5 to 1m ​​​​​​​
magellanica 'Lady Bacon' Image coming soon
F66 magellanica var. riccartonii Vigorous, upright bush variety with dark green bronze foliage. Single, medium-sized scarlet and dark purple blossoms. Ideal for hedging in mild areas. Hardy. 2-3m x 1-2m Image coming soon
F67 magellanica var. versicolor Strong, wiry upright bush variety with greyish-green foliage, rose-tinted when young and irregular creamy-white variegation. Small, single red and purple blossoms. Suitable for informal hedging. Hardy. 1m x 1.2m Image coming soon
F68 Mandarin Cream Upright bush variety with trailing habit. Single blossoms with white blushed pink tube and sepals and coral corolla. Free flowering and reasonable rust resistance. Half Hardy. 45cm x 40cm
F69 Margaret Browne Bush variety with light green foliage and small to medium sized single flowers. Long, rose pink tube and rose pink sepals. Corolla pale rose pink with deeper veining. Hardy. 1m x 1.4m ​​​​​​​
F70 Martin Smedley Upright bush variety with red veined deep olive green leaves. Flowers are medium sized and single. Tube, waxy white with pale pink stripe, sepals, rose pink above, slightly darker beneath. Corolla, magenta with a pink tint. Tender. ​​​​​​​
F71 Minirose Compact, upright, small bush variety. Small, single beige, rose & cyclamen purple flowers. Half Hardy. 45-60cm x 38-45cm
F72 Mrs Popple Free-flowering upright bush variety with large single blooms. Tube and sepal glossy scarlet and short. Corolla, violet-purple with rose-red base. Hardy. 0.90m x 1.4m ​​​​​​​
F73 Multa Trailing, bush variety with small, single red and purple flowers over a long period. Half Hardy. 30-90cm
F74 Patio Princess Upright, bush variety with self-branching habit. Small to medium, double & semi-double, neyron rose and white blossoms produced in profusion from early in the season. Ideal for patio containers. Half hardy. 38-45cm x 38-45cm
F75 Paula Jane Vigorous, upright bush variety with dark green leave and medium-sized semi-double flowers. Tube, long, pale pink, sepals, pale pink slightly darker beneath. Corolla deep rose pink. Hardy. 50cm x 50cm ​​​​​​​
F76 Phyllis Upright bush variety with medium sized semi-double flowers. Tube, rose pink flushed red, sepals rose pink below flushed red above and occasionally up to seven points. Corolla, cerise with dark red edges and purple red base. Hardy. 1.2m x 1m ​​​​​​​
F77 Pink Galore Bush variety with trailing habit and glossy dark green leaves on red stems. Tube, pale pink, sepals, pale pink with light green tip. Corolla, pale candy pink and fully double. Half hardy. 25-30cm x 45-60cm ​​​​​​​
F78 Postilion
F79 procumbens
F80 procumbens variegata
F81 Prosperity Vigorous, upright bush variety with large fully double flowers. Tube and sepals crimson. Corolla, white flushed pink with rosy red veining. Fully hardy. 1.2m x 0 .85m ​​​​​​​
F82 Rose of Castile Improved Strong bush variety with mid green leaves and large single flowers. Tube and sepals, white with a touch of green. Corolla, violet/purple with red edge and pale pink splash at base. Hardy. 90cm x 80cm ​​​​​​​
F83 Rose of Denmark
Rufus Upright, free flowering, bush variety, with medium-sized, single bright, turkey red blossoms. Hardy. 60-75cm x 60-75cm Image Coming Soon
F85 Sleigh Bells Upright bush variety with stiff, vigorous growth habit, mid-green leaves and single large white flowers. Tube, white, sepals white with apple green tips. Corolla white with delicate tracery of pale pink veins. Half Hardy. 60cm x 55cm
F86 Snowburner Bush variety with very lax habit. Extra large red and white fully double blossoms often needing support. Half hardy. 30-40cm x 45-60cm Image Coming Soon
F87 Snowcap Bush variety with neat compact habit, dark green leaves and medium sized semi-double flowers. Tube and sepals, scarlet, corolla white with light red veining. Hardy. 1m x 0.5m ​​​​​​​
F88 splendens
F89 Sir Matt Busby ​​​​​​​
Star Wars Trailing bush variety with medium sized, single white and violet blue blossoms. Hardy. 75cm x 60cm
Sunray Upright bush variety. Slow growing, small to medium compact single blossoms. Red tube and sepals with mauve corolla. Variegated foliage light green, cream edges and red flush. Half Hardy. 60cm x 45cm
Swanley Gem Upright, bush variety with saucer-shaped, medium-sized, single scarlet and violet blossoms, paling with age. Half hardy 45-90cm Image coming soon
F93 Swingtime Trailing bush variety with lax upright growth habit, mid to dark green leaves with red veining and large fully double flowers. Tube and sepals rich red, corolla, full fluffy and white with red veining. Half Hardy. 45cm x 60cm ​​​​​​​
Temptation Upright, bush variety with trailing habit and single, medium-sized white with pink flush and reddish orange blossoms. Half Hardy 40-70cm Image Coming Soon

Thalia Upright, bushy triphylla variety with dark olive green leaves and magenta veining, tinged purple beneath. Pendent clusters of orangey scarlet tubular flowers. Frost tender. 45-90cm x 45-90cm ​​​​​​​
F96 Thamar Upright bushy variety with dark green leaves and small upward facing single flowers. Tube, white with green flush, sepals white with pink flush and apple green tips. Corolla, light violet fading to light blue/purple and white splashing from the base. Tender. 45cm x 45cm ​​​​​​​
F97 The Tarns Bush variety with dark green leaves and single medium sized flowers. Tube, short, pale pink, sepals, long narrow, pale pink on top, rose beneath. Corolla violet/blue, base rose/pink. Hardy. 1.2m x 1.1m ​​​​​​​
F98 Tingaling Vigorous, upright bush variety with medium-sized single white bell-shaped blossoms. Requires a sheltered site as it marks easily and is prone to botrytis. Half hardy 55cm x 50cm
F99 Tom Thumb Bush variety with dark green leaves and single medium sized flowers. Tube, short, pale pink, sepals long and narrow, pale pink on tope and rose beneath. Corolla violet/blue, rose pink at base. Hardy. 1.2m x 1.1m ​​​​​​​
F100 Tom West
F101 Trisha's Mayo
F102 Upward Look Upright bush variety with mid green foliage and small to medium semi-double upward and outward facing flowers. Tube short, deep pink, sepals short deep pink and light green tipped. Corolla, violet/mauve ​​​​​​​
F103 Waveney Gem Small trailing bush variety with mid green foliage and medium sized single flowers. Tube, short white with mauve pink flush. Sepal white with pink flush and corolla mauve with pink base. Half-hardy. 75cm x 60cm ​​​​​​​
F104 White Pixie Upright, self-branching, bush variety. Small, compact, single red and white blossoms. Hardy. 60-75cm x 60-75cm
F105 Whiteknight's Blush Upright, self-branching, bush variety with compact habit. Small, single, pale pink blossoms. Free flowering and happy in full sun. Hardy to Half Hardy 55cm
F106​​​​​​​ Whiteknight's Pearl Upright bush variety with dark green leaves, light green stems and small to medium single flowers. Tube, almost white and sepals pale pink with apple green tips. Corolla slightly darker pink. Hardy. 90cm x 85cm ​​​​​​​
x bacillaris
(syn Million Bells)
Encliandra type bush fuchsia with small pinkish/red blossoms and tiny almost evergreen leaves. Prefers dappled shade and moist, humus rich soil. Hardy to -10oC. 30-60cm x 30-60cm Image coming soon
F108 Zus Liebregts Upright bush variety with trailing habit, dark green leaves, pale beneath and large double flowers. Tube long, slender and pink, sepals pink above paler below with green tips. Corolla opens violet maturing to a paler mauve. Tender. 65cm x 60cm ​​​​​​​