Welcome to The Irish Fuchsia Nursery

Irish Fuchsia Nursery is a specialist plant nursery based in Monamolin, Gorey, County Wexford.

The main focus of the nursery is the propagation and promotion of hardy and half-hardy Fuchsia, the building and maintenance of the Irish Hardy/Half-hardy Fuchsia Collection and the introduction of new cultivars as appropriate.

In order to create some diversity and establish a sustainable all year round business Irish Fuchsia Nursery will produce a range of other plants such as Hydrangea, Granny Annuals, Bulbs and Seasonal Planters.


One of Ireland's favourite plants


A 'Good Doer' suitable for both garden and container

Granny Annuals

A touch of nostalgia


Cheery reminders of seasonal change

Seasonal Plants & Planters

Displays for every occasion, a bit of fun and an indulgence in creativity

Plant Of The Week

Fuchsia ' Swingtime'

As the sun heats up the glasshouse, many of the fuchsias are starting to bud up and open a tentative blossom.

‘Swingtime' is a trailing bush variety and undisputed plant of the week. Bending with big blousey bloom, it has a lax, upright growth habit and mid to dark green leaves with red veining. The large blossoms have a double white-frilled and red-veined corolla extending from the rich red tube and sepals. This half hardy fuchsia can take temperatures as low as -5 to 1 degrees but will need protection from severe winter frosts.

The trailing or lax upright habit make it a perfect choice for containers displays, including window boxes and large hanging baskets. Height and spread is 45cm x 60cm. Flowering time, June to October.