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Irish Fuchsia Nursery is a specialist plant nursery based in Monamolin, Gorey, County Wexford.

The main focus of the nursery is the propagation and promotion of hardy and half-hardy Fuchsia, the building and maintenance of the Irish Hardy/Half-hardy Fuchsia Collection and the introduction of new cultivars as appropriate.

In order to create some diversity and establish a sustainable all year round business Irish Fuchsia Nursery will produce a range of other plants such as Hydrangea, Granny Annuals, Bulbs and Seasonal Planters.


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Fuchsia Rose of Castile Improved

Plant of the Week

Fuchsia 'Rose of Castile Improved'

We have had to be patient this year but at long last the fuchsia are budding up and flowers are beginning to appear.

One of the most striking blooms a the moment is Fuchsia 'Rose of Castile Improved'.

This upright, bush variety is a strong grower and very free flowering. The foliage is mid-green and the blossoms are medium sized and single. The tube is short and white pink, sepals are broad, white with a pink tinge above, deeper pink below and green tipped. The corolla is red violet with deep pink veining, the petals are smooth and overlap resulting in a compact blossom.

Height and Spread are 90cm x 80cm. A fully hardy variety that can withstand temperatures down to -15oC.

I have found reference to two different hybridisers, Lane, UK who introduced it in 1871 (George Bartlett, Fuchsias - A Colour Guide, 1996 and Rowson, UK introduced in 1869, Fuchsiafinder.com).

Fuchsia ‘Rose of Castile’ holds both the RHS Award for Garden Merit and the Plants for Pollinators Symbol. A good all rounder this variety is available now in 3ltr pots and later this summer as either plugs or 1ltr plants.

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