Welcome to The Irish Fuchsia Nursery

Irish Fuchsia Nursery is a specialist plant nursery based in Monamolin, Gorey, County Wexford.

The main focus of the nursery is the propagation and promotion of hardy and half-hardy Fuchsia, the building and maintenance of the Irish Hardy/Half-hardy Fuchsia Collection and the introduction of new cultivars as appropriate.

In order to create some diversity and establish a sustainable all year round business Irish Fuchsia Nursery will produce a range of other plants such as Hydrangea, Granny Annuals, Bulbs and Seasonal Planters.


One of Ireland's favourite plants


A 'Good Doer' suitable for both garden and container

Granny Annuals

A touch of nostalgia


Cheery reminders of seasonal change

Seasonal Plants & Planters

Displays for every occasion, a bit of fun and an indulgence in creativity

Fuchsia 'Constance' blossom

Plant Of The Week

Fuchsia 'Constance' (Random Winter Blossom)

Is a free-flowering, bush variety with upright habit, producing medium-sized double blossoms. The groove textured tube and the sepals are white with a pink blush, sepals have a darker pink flush below and are green tipped. The corolla is purple pink, paler at base, the outer petals being shorter with occasional splashes of pink.
Foliage is medium green.

Fuchsia 'Constance' is a sport of F. ‘Pink Pearl’ and was introduced by Berkley Horticulture Nurseries, USA in 1935. Constance’s versatility makes it suitable for patio, container, border, bedding and cottage garden planting, though not suited to a hanging basket. Easy to train to any shape it makes an excellent plant for exhibition purposes.

This is a hardy fuchsia which can tolerate conditions down to minus ten degrees centigrade.

Height and Spread: 30-45cm x 30-45cm